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Kadam Art & Design Solution Hub was founded in 2017 by Asha Sharma with profound experience of over 18 years.  Our motive is to inspire each candidate to express their ideas through design. Kadam is an exclusive design hub offering several design courses including manual art classes. Students from higher secondary classes often get puzzled about their career choices.

We offer counselling for the students who want to know about the design field and help in making the right decision for their career. We make sure students learn each and every perspective of designing so they can easily deal with the competitive industry. We strive to develop innovative design and encourage students to take initiatives, give opinions about ongoing/upcoming events in the industry to create personal and professional growth. We inspire and lead each student to take their first kadam towards their bright future.​​

ASHA SHARMA, Founder - Kadam Design
Fashion Design - INIFD
Colored Stone Advance course GIA Carlsbad - USA
Jewellery Design - IIFA 

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